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Specialists in Business and Technical Consultancy to Large Corporate Business, Central & Local Government, Public Bodies and the SME sector - bringing practical solutions to business problems and opportunities.

The Lamberhurst Corporation is an established consultancy, focused on industry, government and public bodies. Lamberhurst was set up in response to client demand for practical business solutions. The 3 founders, previously directors within significant UK organisations  – established the Lamberhurst Corporation to bring real world solutions to market.

Lamberhurst’s focus is on practical solutions, solutions backed by ‘real world’ experience, clarity of vision, supported by business school theory.

Because The Lamberhurst Corporation works exclusively in the provision of consultancy services the company maintains its expertise and focus. Market developments are constantly monitored and Lamberhurst’s consultants can provide advice on emerging opportunities, strategies and technologies that affect a particular market sector.

Lamberhurst offer unparalleled expertise in solving problems and delivering solutions.


Lamberhurst have a national network of consultants – all selected for their experience at a senior level within industry and government. This breadth of experience means that Lamberhurst can select the appropriate consultant – or construct the right project team – to make a real difference to your organisation.

Lamberhurst consultants display a high degree of integrity, motivation and expertise.

A regular feature of our work is organisational development and enhancement. Whether we are engaged in business process re-engineering, on enhancing the sell through of products and services, developing a new strategy for an existing or an emerging business area, designing a technical solution or providing an interim management resource, Lamberhurst involvement helps clients to move their businesses forward. In a demanding market – with increasing pressures to perform and ever-increasing expectations, Lamberhurst can apply that vital, impartial sense check and a flexible incremental resource to address important strategic and organisational opportunities that could otherwise get sidelined.

Lamberhurst provide a qualified and flexible resource to apply to operational, organisational and strategic opportunities.

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