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“As competition increases and barriers fall, many companies look to new markets and customers to strengthen and grow their business. While there are many opportunities with promising potential, deciding where to start and navigating the risks of doing new business can be quite daunting”  HSBC Bank, Hong Kong

A statement with which many senior managers can identify.

Businesses fail to capitalise on their export potential, because:

  • They are wary about what developing business abroad entails and are concerned about the risks

  • They do not take into account the implications for change within their own organisations and the potential additional skill sets they will require

  • Many companies do not have the in-house resources they need to develop a viable PLAN, and at the same time reduce the risks of failure.

  • Not enough consideration is given to the implications of all the legal, technical, logistical and commercial issues, which they do not encounter in their traditional market.

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