the Lamberhurst corporation
  Why Use

Lamberhurst consultants have extensive experience running significant business and/or technical projects at a senior level:

This means that they have a wealth of relevant personal experience that they can apply to produce practical solutions for your organisation.

Lamberhurst operates a focused recruitment process:

This means that all Lamberhurst consultants possess a demonstrable record of success in senior management, strategic development and/or technical excellence, resource you can trust.

Lamberhurst consultants have practical experience of working within a P&L environment:

This means that Lamberhurst clients can have total confidence in the practicality of the solutions delivered, as all consultants are familiar with real world pressures and bottom line considerations.

Lamberhurst consultants design and deliver solutions to business problems in a real world environment:

They can make a real difference to your organisation by applying their expertise to your opportunities.


Lamberhurst consultants are an additional and flexible resource:

This means that there is no deflection of your in-house managers from the core business.

Lamberhurst consultants are significantly skilled:

This means that the projects that they are assigned to will be well within their experience and capability – they will be able to understand the issues and quickly add value.

Lamberhurst consultants are free from organisational politics:

This means that they will offer unbiased advice – as an external resource, they are free from historical baggage and political considerations.

Lamberhurst consultants provide a short burst of a “Big Hitter”:

This means that as clients you have access to senior level capability and vision without an expensive, political and high-risk permanent appointment.

Lamberhurst consultants are a known cost:

This means that as clients you pay for the time used, and – as the costs are known before hand – budgeting is easier.


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